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The Steps To Follow When Ironing Dress Shirts

The dressing code is important to maintain so as to give a better look and become more presentable for specific occasions and places. Different types of clothing require different maintenance techniques such as ironing suits, shirts and other clothing specific materials. It is advisable to follow a given process when ironing so as to create the desired look for the dress shirts. The type and quality of irons as well as ironing boards play a great role in the nature if results got after ironing. The sole plate of irons has to be clean and smooth which can be cleaned by a damp towel or other suitable material.

When the ironing board is smooth the clothes will not have wrinkles but rugged surfaces create unpleasant results. While ironing water is needed and it should be either distilled or filtered for better results after ironing the clothes. Unscented and specially designed ironing sprays could also be used to produce much better results. The other essential equipment needed is quality hangers to hang the dress shirts immediately after ironing. There are some quality irons that are available at very affordable prices and they are preferable compared to cheaper ones which might get damaged easily. With the technological advancements, new irons come having various properties such as steam chambers, automatic cord winders and other features.

Irons with stainless sole plates or those having materials that do not leave deposits or get worn out fast by various conditions. To give better ironing results it is advisable to iron in batches since it might be a waste of time preparing the iron for just one shirt. When ironing the dress shirts the first step should be to start with the collars and preferably the back part of the collar. The shirts should be a little bit moist during the process and for all parts one needs to do the same for the other side of the shirts. The next step involves ironing the cuffs by unfolding and then carefully ironing around the buttons which should be ironed from the back to prevent overheating and cracking.

The front and back part of the shirt are then ironed from the shoulders downwards and the front part being ironed first followed by the back part. While ironing the shirt sleeves it is important to ensure that they are straight on the board before starting to avoid complications in the process. The hangers are important because they help in maintaining the shape and form of the fabrics when hanged carefully. Ironing spray and distilled water softens the fabric and reduces the effort needed as well as eliminating wrinkles.
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